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Tattoo FAQ

What does it mean to be a "trauma informed tattooer"? 

Many people choose to get tattoos to reclaim their story after experiencing trauma.  In my years prior to tattooing, I worked as a yoga instructor and birth doula with specific training in working with trauma in the body, and I've found that it is directly relevant to understanding the physical and emotional experience of getting tattooed.  I believe that all of my clients deserve  a safe space (physically, emotionally, and culturally) to experience getting a tattoo from an empowered place, and that it is my job as a tattooer to hold space for stories to be told authentically.

What are your rates?


$100 minimum for tattoos that take less than an hour

Full day (up to 6 hours) for $900 per day

The total cost of your tattoo depends on the size and detail of your design.   If you have a budget you would like to work within I will do my best to design your tattoo to accommodate that budget. 

Do you do consultations?
I do complementary in person consultations only after you have booked an appointment.  If you have questions about your tattoo ideas or would like to chat about options before booking an appointment I am happy to discuss ideas via email.  

Do I need to pay a deposit?

I take a $50 non refundable deposit to book your appointment which is due at the time of booking and is payable online. 

Do you charge to design my tattoo?

The cost of designing the first draft of your tattoo is included in the hourly rate. 

Because most tattoos take 3-4 hours or more to design before tattoo day, if your design requires extensive changes or needs to be completely redrawn, there is a $100 charge for additional drawing time.  

Can I book an appointment if I'm not sure what I want to get?

Because your design determines the length of your appointment, I do need to know the basic subject matter, size, and placement on the body before booking an appointment.  Different considerations go into designing pieces for different parts of the body, so the more information you can provide, the better.   

Will I get to see my design before my appointment?

While it's exciting to get to see your design ahead of time, I do not send design proofs via email prior to appointments.  I build in extra time to each appointment to allow for discussion and small adjustments of your design on tattoo day if needed, which eliminates the time consuming back and forth of emails, and allows you to be part of the process while we finalize your piece of art together.    

If you would like to see your design prior to your appointment, please contact me to schedule a free consultation where we can go over your piece in person.

Can I get a tattoo if I'm not 18 yet?

Sorry, I do not tattoo anyone under the age of 18, even with parent consent.

Are there any tattoos you won't do?

I evaluate design proposals on an individual basis, and I believe you deserve the best tattoo possible.  I am not the right artist for every tattoo, so I don't always accept every appointment request I receive.  If I feel like your design idea is not something within my toolbox, I will happily help connect you with an artist who might be a better fit. 

As a general rule I will not consider requests for micro/single needle tattoos, tattoos on the face, inside of the finger, or the side/inside of the foot, as I cannot guarantee they will heal well.  I also do not replicate tattoos created by other artists.

Do you do coverups?

Yes! However it's important to know that not all tattoos are good candidates for coverups.  Generally coverups require multiple sessions and need to be at least three times larger than the original tattoo.  If you have a tattoo you'd like to cover, please fill out an inquiry form and email 2-3 photos of your existing tattoo to so we can discuss the best options for your piece.

When can I get an appointment?

** Please note that my books are closed for 2020 and I am not accepting submissions for new custom pieces.**

When books are open for appointments, please submit your tattoo idea on the appointments page and I will be in touch via email to coordinate your appointment.  If the booking form isn't available on the appointments page, it means my books are currently closed.  


Do you have a waitlist?

Occasionally I do have appointments cancel or reschedule, but my waitlist is reserved for clients who are already on my calendar so they have the opportunity to get an earlier appointment.  I do not have a waitlist for new appointments at this time.


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